Damage Limitation

I attempted to make two more purses yesterday… It didn’t go very well; the purse in the tutorial used a vinyl outside which looked really good so I thought I would give it a go…

The first one I messed up by ironing the inner fabric flat and accidentally caught the vinyl without realising and then spread it over the fabric, completely ruining it.

The second went much better until it came to top stitching around the edges to finish it of. Where the extra fabric made it much thicker it refused to sit properly and wouldn’t fit under the foot of the sewing machine… from which at this point I swore loudly and give up.

Then I had a brain wave!!

I unpicked the vinyl from the rest of the purse, sewed the inside and outside together to create a quilted effect and binded the seam (if that’s what you call it?) edges instead. Doing it this way instead makes it a little bigger but actually I think it looks really pretty!

I’m glad I tried again, so much so that I have just finished cutting out the bits for another one. I have made them slightly smaller though as I would like it to be more the size of the first one.

Published by catcraftylove

Hi, I'm Cat, a 32yr old girl, lady, woman, adult, person... I dunno! Who knows how old I feel or how I would address myself?! I am a relatively educated individual but not particularly academic. My blog is for me, a personal documentation of what is going on around me at the time of posting. My thoughts, feelings, plans, actions and creations. My words and sentences are literally my thoughts verbatim which is why my posts are quirky, not particularly intelligent and very often digress from the point intended. I am not here to be a blogging sensation, to make myself a journalism career or a social media queen or whatever. I am a spade. I love my little corner of the internet that is 'Cat Crafty Loves...' (as it's known at the moment, we have had a few name changes over the years!)

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